Eyebrow PM is nothing short of magic. It is capable of highlighting your natural beauty, making you look younger and put together 24/7 without that heavily made up look. Your dream brows will not smudge or wash away with water. You will no longer need pencils and powders to create and touch up your eyebrows. Permanent makeup can lift the eyebrows which widens the eyes.

There are a few micropigmentation techniques for eyebrows: Shading: the most common type. The pigment intensity can be very bright or very light like a shadow.

3D eyebrow design: the most natural looking type. The artist intensifies the color of the lower browline and leaves the rest lighter for the 3D effect.

Hair stroke: requires the most maintenance and for that reason is the least popular one. Although most women request the natural hair stroke, it is not the favorable look. Once healed, tattooed hair can leak. It requires touch up every 4-6 month. Small, tight pores and dry skin benefit from delicate wispy strokes. The hair stroke will disappear on oily skin with large pores.

Safety and sterility of all procedures are guaranteed.


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