My Customers

I got my permanent makeup on eyebrows, eyeliners and lips done by Elvira and I am so happy I did!

Elvira is very professional and detail oriented in regards of facial features and color choices.

On a very first consultation I was fully informed what to expect on every step of this procedure.

Elvira is also very knowledgeable and artistic person, so I did not have any doubts to go ahead with changing my look and increase my confidence at my 50's.

After all procedures and healing I got such amazing results and only compliments. As for my eyebrowless face and deformed lips, beauty has returned and there is no more morning makeup routine.

Yet to mention, that everything is done at high hygiene level space by latest technological equipment and tools.

Would really recommend Elvira for your permanent makeup needs!

We all have that one little thing about ourselves that bothers us more than it should. For me it was my eyebrows. My eyebrows were sparse from years of over plucking, crooked from trying to even them out and a pain in the butt to to draw on every day.

Over the last couple years, I looked around for the right price range, which was up to 600 dollars. I had talked to a few people and they didn't have the confidence I was looking for to have someone 'tattoo' my face.

I came across Elvira Hil. After my free consultation, I got to see what a perfectionist Elvira is and decided to go ahead with micro pigmentation 'eyebrow tattoo'. On my next visit Elvira explained the procedure in detail. Drew in and filled in my eyebrows and asked me questions, changed what I wanted changed and then she froze my eyebrows. A virtually painless procedure and the results blew my mind. They took a few weeks to completely heal.

The follow up appointment was similar to the first. I wanted them a bit darker. Elvira is very thorough, accommodating to my schedule, kind and very professional. I have endless compliments about my eyebrows and save so much time. I have recommended Elvira to my friends and family. I wish her a very successful venture in all she does.

I work in healthcare and spend my days hiding behind a mask and goggles. Those two plus condensation from my own breath melted and smudged my carefully applied features. Permanent make up saved me from buying expensive pencils and powders and spending my mornings applying them instead of catching up on my beauty rest.

When I met Elvira at our first consultation I was amazed at how detail oriented she is. She listened to what I wanted and took time to fill in my eyebrows. She patiently corrected and changed small detail to satisfy my vision. Her professionalism made me trust her completely. Her infection control practices put my mind at ease.

I heard tattooing can be quiet unpleasant. Elvira anesthetized my eyebrows very well and kept checking throughout the procedures if I needed more numbing.

Thanks to Elvira's thorough post-procedural care instructions, my eyebrows healed after two weeks. My eyebrows look very natural and I couldn't be happier. Nobody can tell that some work was done. Ladies at work are ready for their eyebrow upgrade. I would highly recommend Elvira to family and friends.