PM on lips will make you irresistible. It can highlight lip contour and even make them more voluptuous and symmetrical. Only highest quality pigments are used for this procedure. The color of the lips is customizable from lightly natural to bright lipstick like. Scars can also be camouflaged.

There are several options:

Lipliner With Shading: The artist uses pigment to create the outline and then blends it into the natural color of your lips.

Watercolor Shading: The artist fills your lips in completely with a delicate lace of pigment. The natural lip color still shows through.

Full Lip Shading: The artist strives to achieve the juiciest and brightest lipstick like effect.

It is recommended to take antiviral medication before the procedure to avoid herpetic outbreaks. Please, see your family physician for prescription.

Safety and sterility of all procedures are guaranteed.


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